Advanced Algorithm Swirl acts on the center of an image to 'twist' it about the center point. It always swirls the image counter-clockwise, but you will see below how to achieve interesting effects.

First of all, on the banner above, I used Advanced Algorithm 1 set to Swirl. The Font is Kashmir.

In the banner below, you can see the effect of swirling a medium-long banner.

One exciting swirl effects uses a narrow block of text within a wide banner. The text needs to be a thick font, such as Helvetica Black Semi-bold Bold below. To make short message into a long banner, I used a Border set to 200x5.

If you want to swirl a short gif, you can repeat the swirls. This will use up more Advanced Algorithm spaces. Here is a banner with Advanced Algorithm 1 set to Swirl, followed by a banner with Advanced Algorithms 1 through 5 set to Swirl.

An interesting ''pinching'' effect can be created by using the following options: Advanced Algorithm 1 is set to Swirl the banner, Advanced Algorithm 2 is set to Flop the image horizontally, Advanced Algorithm 3 is set to Swirl the image a second time, and Advanced Algorithm 4 is used to Flop the image horizontally back.

I wanted to make a sort of spidery banner, with a long block of text, so I used Font and a Border of 5x5. Foreground Color was set to Red. Advanced Algorithm 1 was set to Edge Detection and Advanced Algorithm 2 was set to Swirl.

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