Border Examples

The Border option can be used for several purposes. It can be uses to center your banner inside a larger area or to align your banner when you are mounting it (see the Mount Example).

[?] Border: ×
The Border option consists of two fields. It has an x and a y value. The x field is space added horizontally arround you banner. The yfield is space added above and below your banner. The in the following examples the only difference is the value of the Border option.

First we used a border of 10x10. This produced a fairly evenly spaced out banner. It is has a little more room than the default 5x5 border.

Now, we try to center the banner in a longer graphic by specifing a border of 160x5. This type of banner is good for using like a <HR> or as a section header.

All of the banners used in this example page used the Kashmir font at Font Size40. Foreground Color and Background Color were rgb #660099 and #000033 respectively. These examples did not use any Advanced Algorithms or Transparency.

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