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The Banner Generator Form

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[?] Banner Text:
[?] Image Format: [?] Font Size: [?] Border: ×
[?] Font: Choose Font Family and Font Name. [all samples]
Bitmapped Fonts: [samples]
Standard Fonts: [samples]
Hershey Fonts: [samples]
Conservative Fonts: [samples]
Longhand Fonts: [samples]
Script Fonts: [samples]
Old Fonts: [samples]
Caps Fonts: [samples]
The Rest of the Fonts: [samples]

[?] Foreground Color: [?] rgb: [rgb color-list]
[?] Background Color: [?] rgb: [rgb color-list]
[?] Transparency: [?] Rotation:
[?] Advanced Algorithms:

[?] Magic Code: 30_0

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